sunday 11 january 2004

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During the later period of Christopherís residence at boarding school, he learnt that if the hand of a sleeping boy were to be submerged in tepid water, the boy would be made to wet his bed. After the passing of a considerable number of years, this knowledge has provided him with a subject for a short video. He is producing the video alone, on this Sunday evening, in a chamber that once served as his motherís sewing room. In the years between her death and Christopherís present production, it has contained only a small number of disused items that have failed to find a home elsewhere in the apartment; 2002; Mixed media, dimensions variable

Kristian Burford is een kunstenaar die de dingen grondig aanpakt - in zijn titels vertelt hij complete verhalen en de geŽnsceneerde foto's die hij maakt zijn geen foto's maar levensechte taferelen, door Burford tot in detail uitgewerkt:

"Christopher... is the fifth in a series of similar mixed-media tableaux, which Burford calls "houses." Architecturally, the works resemble houses only in the most rudimentary sense, but they do seem to capture everything that's unheimlich about home." (uit een recensie, met reacties, op Artforum)

> De tentoonstelling Christopher... van Kristian Burford en zijn eerdere installaties Melissa... en Kathryn... - nu maar hopen dat zijn werk over veertig jaar niet net zo stoffig aandoet als Edward Kienholz' Beanery die ik laatst weer in levende lijve in het Stedelijk Museum zag.



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